Why I Love My Bullet Journal

Brand new bullet journal! So in love !

Bullet Journals are the new craze when it comes to journaling!
Every one is making one, and to be honest they can sound (and look)
very intimidating! When I finally found the gut and time to start one, I was utterly* confused. I had no clue where to start or what to write about!

Let me just say, I am the most controlling perfectionist there is. With that being said,  I have always wanted to be organized but I was just too plain lazy. Once I finally got the ball rolling I understood the craze! They are so amazing! My Bullet Journal has helped me be more organized and efficient and they just are really fun to do ( they also look very put together). I had no idea how much they would help in literally just 3 days! I have been more efficient these past 3 days then in the entire summer. My favorite part is that you can put what ever you want in it! Bullet Journals don’t judge you or your choices! There is so much (or so little) that can go into creating your prefect bullet journal that the stationery-holic inside me goes crazy. There are no limits to a bullet journal which make it just that much more utterly* amazing!

*I am sorry but I just had to

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any feedback of suggestions please comment or message me on social media! I sound like a sales person in this post so I sincerely apologize! Feedback is much needed! Hope you enjoyed my first real post!

Toodles, Zoey


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