Workout Plans for Beginners

I didn’t intend to be posting content about health and fitness on this blog but who cares. Lets get started!

Working out can often be a daunting task, and planning your workouts can help relieve the stress of having to workout. I needed a workout that wasn’t too hard yet would still challenge me and actually work. I did tons of research and got into the “I need to know everything about this topic” mode. After countless websites, apps, and blogs, there just wasn’t a workout that appealed to me. So on my final effort, I went to google images. There I found countless workout plans for beginners that all had aspects that I liked and other aspects that were not as appealing. So I just typed them all up on a google docs document. This has been working great for me as there are times that I want a plan for the whole week or month, and there are other times that I just want to quick workout. These WorkoutPlans can all be done out doors or in doors (this Florida heat is too much). Click the blue “workout plans”to get a free printable that has helped me and that will hopefully help you in finding those perfect workouts!

I am also working on a list of meals that are yummy yet healthy to go along with your workouts to get the max results so expect that soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment or message me on social media with ideas for future posts or feedback! This is much appreciated! Don’t forgot to follow for notifications whenever a new post is up! I apologize again for my sales men approach as I am still learning!

Thank you for reading!

Toodles, Zoey


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