The Answers: Part 1

Hey there! I am finally getting into a schedule so bear with me, but here is todays blog post!

I have always wanted to start a blog and when I finally did I worried about bringing a personal aspect to my blog posts. I thought what better way to bring that aspect then a Q & A! This new series will let you ask me (almost) anything you would like whether it be about my blog or my personal life! I am so excited to see where this series ends up going.

To kick off this series I compiled 5 questions …. gotta start somewhere, right?  Without further ado, here is The Answers: Part 1!

What are some of your favorite artists, museums, writers, books, or movies? 

My favorite artist would have to be Dali, my favorite museum would be the Field Museum in Chicago, my favorite writer is Ally Carter, my favorite book(s) are The Book Thief and Me Before You, and my favorite movie is The Sound Of Music.

What are your plans and goals for Utter Essence?

I don’t really have a real plan. The only kind of plan I have is to wing it as inspiration comes and goes. Now for my goals, I just want to continue Utter Essence for as long as possible and become more creative along the way. If I had to pick a goal about what heights my blog could reach it would be 100 follows (maybe, I don’t know)!

What are some facts about you?

To keep this short I will only do 3:

1. I love to be outside

2.My favorite animals are bears and dog (weird combo)

3. My favorite colors are blue and green

Do you play any instruments or sports?

For instruments I play clarinet and piano

For sports I play soccer

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Veinna, Virginia

Thank you for reading, and as all ways I hope you enjoyed! Now it is your turn ask questions down in the comments or message me on social media! What do you think about this new series? Don’t forget to follow so you are notified when I post! Please comment or message me with feedback and new post ideas!

Until next time, Zoey




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