Why I Quit Bullet Journaling!

Hey there! In my last post I had announced that I stopped bullet journaling. That was a big deal for me as I had based this blog on Bullet Journaling so if I stopped Bullet Journaling I would have no content to post. That inside argument in my head turned into a whole 5 month fiasco until I realized that I should write content based on what I enjoy. If my audience changes that it ok but I just want to write about something that I care about, not something that I dread to write about.

The reason that I stopped was simple. I just did not want to do it anymore. In the beginning it was fun and I enjoyed getting my day started by planning my day out. I still do enjoy that, but that lazy side of me was so tired of do the same old thing every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love structure but that may be why I stopped bullet journaling. I had to much freedom and I did not know what to do. I could sit there for hours just trying to think of a cool font to use or which color my header should be. I am not saying that you should not bullet journal, I am just saying that it takes a certain kind of person. On some particularly eventful days I may whip out my bullet journal as someway to organize my life but the truth is I don’t live a busy enough life to want to put so much effort into my to-do list. I know bullet journaling is more than just a to-do list, but that was my bullet journal’s main job. After about a month of bullet journaling I decided to give my self a little break. That little break led to me never picking it up again. Just because I did not stick with bullet journaling does not mean that just gave up, it just means that I moved on from something that was holding me back. My days were starting to get unproductive and I was starting to resent starting my day knowing that I had to Bullet Journal. I thought that I had to write in my Bullet Journal for the day if I wanted my day to be productive. I realized that I do not need to Bullet Journal if I wanted to be productive, I just needed to put effort in. That is not to say I will never pick up a Bullet Journal every again, but right now I do not need one. Maybe in the future when my life becomes more go,go,go and less where are my ear buds I will have the need for that level of organization Now this all may sound very dramatic, but that is what I do! Plus it makes it more interesting to read so it is a win-win.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Why I Stopped Bullet Journaling! If you did, don’t forget to leave a reply, and if you have any questions or request you know where to put them!

Did you stick to bullet journaling? Or did you drop out? Let me know down below! Remember: keep your comments short, sweet, and to the point! 🙂 And don’t forget to follow!



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