5 Apps ALL Bloggers Need


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Now that we are in the new year, it is time to discover some new apps! Specifically apps that ALL bloggers need. I am a huge fan of just being able to manage my blog right in the palm of my hand so today I will be sharing with you my favorites apps that I believe all bloggers need!


Blog Managing App

That is right! The first app every blogger should have is an app where they can see their blog site, manage posts, or customize what their blog looks like. I personally use the WordPress App  since I have a WordPress blog but you can see if the platform you use has an app that you can use to easily manage your blog. This may seem like an obvious app to have and while it is obvious it can be easily over looked. If your platform does not have an app another easy solution is to use some way to access the internet and just save the link to your blogs managing page to your home screen for super easy access.

Photo Editing App

Every blogger should include photos in their blog posts so you need some way make those photos look less blah and more ooh lala. Some of my favorite apps to use for editing my photos are AviarySnapseed by GoogleAdobe Lightroom, and VSCO Cam. All of these apps have their own functions but you just have to choose the ones that work the best for you.

Analytics App

I am very guilty of checking my blog stats several times a day, so I like have one app that I can just open and easily see how my precious little blog is doing. Some platform apps have this feature already built in but if yours does not Analytiks and Google Analytics are great options that are also super easy to use!

Blog Reader

One of the most amazing parts about writing a blog is meeting new people online and learning about different blogs in the process. Every blogger should love to read other blogs  so why make it more complicated then it should be? Bloglovin is an app where you can easily read other blogs that you follow and even see new blogs that fit your interest. I have also been using Pocket to save posts for later if I am out and about but do not have time to read a post. These are both really simple ways to make reading blogs less bothersome.

Idea Board

Whether is it using Pinterest or just the Notes app on your phone, having a way to organize you ideas for you blog or even find new ones is probably the most important app any blogger needs! I do not know what I would do if I did not have any way to organize my ideas for this blog!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post of 5 Apps All Bloggers Need! Hopefully this helped you understand what apps you need as a blogger. Even if you are not a blogger, I hope you enjoyed learning about what goes into creating a decent blog post 🙂

If you have an questions or comments you know where to put them and as always: keep your comments short, sweet, and to the point!